Anchor Rode Hawse Pipe


As part of my quest to track down and bring to an end all leaks, I removed the anchor rode only to find a gallon and half of water trapped between the bow water tank the bow itself.

You can see the water line from the standing water.

The current deck pipe is a large dorade cowl that allows water to enter through the opening and around the base. It also a great tripping hazard. Not to mention, it is really ugly.

I decided to go with a traditional

ID 4" x 2 1/2" by 1 1/2" height

The existing hole is 3 inches in diameter.

After removing the existing hardware I had to come up with a method of covering the existing hole and the deck stains.

I created a plate from 3/8 prefab fiberglass from McMaster-Carr to cover the existing hole and provide a better seal.


Next, following the pattern marked on the deck, I ground out the 3 inch diameter hole to allow the deck pipe to fit. I tapped a trash bag to the underside of the deck to catch the fiberglass and wood dust. This made clean up much easier.

Next a little tape to make clean up easier.

Note, the fiberglass was painted with Interlux hull and deck paint.

And the final installation.

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