Creature Comforts


Now that many of the Captain's modifications have been completed, the crew of Sea Dragon presented me with a list of things they
want(ed) on the boat.

First on everyone's list, were grates in the shower and head... No one enjoys standing and/or slipping in soapy
water while taking a shower.

Second they wanted the cockpit table put back into action... The cockpit table slipped down from the top of the pedestal guard and rested on the pedestal top plate. However, with the new pedestal guard and chart plotter it could not be slid into place. Therefore, no table in the cockpit, bummer.

Third on the list are Lee Cloths for the cabin. Jack Wong at Potomac Sailmakers is working on Lee Cloths for Sea Dragon and I will update the site as soon as I have them. Stay tuned.

Fourth on the list was to install a galley belt to make working in the galley a little easier while underway.

The fifth request and most complicated, is the installation of sound proofing in the engine room/compartment... Some additional noodling is going to be required for this project and will most likely become a page of its own... Anyone with experience in this area please drop me a note with any lessons learned. Thanks

For the shower & head grates I went to Teakflex.

The grates were build patterns taken from Sea Dragon and shipped to me. All I had to do was take the old 3" Craftsman belt sander and perform the final fitting. This process took about an hour and a half to complete including the dozen or so trips up and down the dock.

They really turned out nice.

      The original table mount was made up of two brackets that slipped over the guard and held the table in place.




The new mounting system, which was just a little expensive, is made up a hinge and folding support system. This allows the table to be folded down when not in use or quickly raised and locked into place when needed.

A little clean up will be required this winter.

The table can be quickly locked into place.



Or folded out of the way.

I wanted lee cloths that could be easily installed and removed. Working with Jack Wong and the crew at Potomac Sailmakers to come up with a design that would meet our requirements. They made two lee cloths with grommets on the top and snaps along the bottoms. They were made extra wide so that the lee cloths would go 7 plus inches under the cushions. In this way they can be snapped into place and the person's weight hold them into place.

Size: 26" x 54"
Material: Sunbrella

Snaps are simply screwed into the panels under each cushion. When not needed they can be unsnapped, folded, and stored.

The port side is strung from the Ice box to the forward storage are using two (2) Wichard folding padeye (6504) 1 3/4 inch.

On the starboard side the lee cloth is simply laced through the cabin hand holds.
West Marine sells a reasonable priced galley belt that is available in most of their stores.
I should consider buying stock in Wichard, two more padeyes. The belt connects to two (2) Wichard folding padeye (6504) 1 3/4 inch attached just below the safety bar in the galley.

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