Installation of Oscillating Fans


Sea Dragon, even with several opening ports and large hatches gets a little warm below deck. While we have air conditioning, it only helps when we have access to shore power and we like the privacy of anchoring out. In the summer, it gets very stuffy below even on a breezy day under full sail. So, I decided to add two (2) oscillating fans, one in the V-berth and one in main cabin.

I chose Guest Oscillating fans that draw 12 amps and oscillate 120 degrees. My original plan was to use a more energy efficient Turbo Fan but after sailing from Norfolk, VA to St George, Bermuda on a boat equipped with several Turbo Fans, I was willing to live with the extra energy consumption in exchange for the increased air flow.

Even when we are out for several days, we will end up motoring for an hour to an hour and half each day moving in and out of that day's anchorage.

The Main cabin fan is mounted on the port side between the galley and saloon. The wiring was run in the space between the headliner and bulkhead. To keep the wires from showing, I squirted a dot of clear silicon in the space then pushed the wires into the void and silicon.

In this location, with a little adjustment, the fan provides a nice breeze in the galley and at the navstation or in the saloon.

The V-berth fan is mounted on the starboard side facing forward. As in the main cabin the wiring was hidden by pushing the wire into the void between the bulkhead and headliner. And as before, a little drop of clear silicon placed along the wire run keeps the wires out of sight.

This fan provides a nice breeze to all parts of the V-berth.

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