Sea Dragon Races in the governor's cup 2006


The Governor's Cup race is a Chesapeake Bay tradition for over 30 years. The Governor's Cup Yacht Race
is an annual event in Maryland taking place the first weekend of August each year come rain or shine, wind
or no wind. It begins in Annapolis and ends at the St. Mary's College Waterfront in St. Mary's City. The
Governor's Cup is the largest overnight yacht race on the east coast with over 150 boats participating each
year. The event terminates with a large public party that includes beer, food, and live music.

After last year's race I was not sure if I would be able find a crew for this year's race. However, Dave Schreder was ready to try again
this year. Next to join us was Sheldon Leggett and Sandy Winans made four. The crew was in place.

With the crew in place, the real preparations began, "What color shirts should the crew wear?". Crew arranged, shirts ordered, and
food & drink on board, we are ready to race. All we need is a little wind.

Crew L-R Sandy Winans, Sheldon Leggett, Dave Schreder, Myself


Leaving for the 2006 Governor's Cup Race

Sea Dragon leaving Herrington Harbour North for the 12 NM trip to the starting line. The weather forecast is calling for light winds from the north shifting to the NNE and dropping to 5 knots.

It looks like another long night.

You can tell we are serious racers... Note the grill and outboard are still on the rail..... bimini is up as well as the dodger.


The Crew is ready for battle

After two (2) hours of motoring we are nearing the starting line. Once again the weather forecast is off.. They are calling for winds out of the North at 8-10 knots an hour before the race the winds are 15 knots gusting to 20 knots out of the North... Nice

View of the line from the deck of Sea Dragon. We will be sailing C/D class which will be the next to last class to start.

Friday Evening

At 6:25 we cross the "Line".

We are in the race now.. We got good start and we are off in 18 knot winds gusting to 23 knots. We choose to run due south wing-on-wing.

Sea Dragon is making 7+ knots.

The winds will continue to increase to 21 knots and gust to 27 knots.

Just after this picture is taken we watched the spinnaker blow out on the boat to our starboard.

Life is Good!!!

A well feed crew calling home to let everyone know, all is well. A wonderful meal has been had and the wind is holding in the low twenties with gusts to the mid twenties. The autopilot is holding a great course and we are still making 7 knots.

The winds will hold until near midnight when they will drop to 15 knots. At which time we set the spinnaker.

Sunrise in the Potomac River

The sun comes up on the crew in the Potomac River. We have sailed from Annapolis, MD into the Potomac River to the Mouth of St. Mary's River with ONLY 3 jibs.

Saturday Morning

Sea Dragon Greets the new day in the Potomac River making 7+ knots under full main and headsail.

The winds will finally die to under 10 knots after we enter St Mary's River and we tack our way to the finish line.








At 8:21 am Sea Dragon crosses the finish line after traveling 84 NM in less than 14 hours at an average speed of 6.1 knots. While this did not put us at the top off our class, it was by far a Personal Best for Sea Dragon.

What a ride....

With the race over and the boat back in its slip, I am making plans for next year's race.... We will be back!

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