Sea Dragon Races in the governor's cup 2007





The Governor's Cup race is a Chesapeake Bay tradition for over 30 years. The Governor's Cup Yacht Race
is an annual event in Maryland taking place the first weekend of August each year come rain or shine, wind
or no wind. It begins in Annapolis and finishes at the St. Mary's College Waterfront in St. Mary's City. The
Governor's Cup is the largest overnight yacht race on the east coast with over 150 boats participating each
year. The event terminates with a large public party that includes beer, food, and live music.

After last year's race we were ready for another roaring adventure. Having set a "Boat Best" we had visions of glory and a hot early morning breakfast in Southern Maryland.  Dave Schreder and Shelton Leggett were ready to race again. Dirk Aardsma, another Pearson 365 owner, is the next to join. Now with a crew of four (4) in place, we are ready.

With the crew in place, the real preparations began, "What color shirts should the crew wear?". This is a task the Admiral would normally handle but this year it was left to the Captain.... He chose a look more fitting the spirit of the race,

Crew arranged, shirts ordered, and food & drink on board, we are ready to race. All we need is a little wind.

The Fearless Crew

Left to Right

Sheldon Leggett, Dave Schreder, Myself, Dirk Aardsma


Leaving for the 2007 Governor's Cup Race

Sea Dragon leaving Herrington Harbour North for the 12 NM trip to the starting line. The weather forecast is calling for 10-14 knot winds out of the South shifting to the SSE and dropping to 5 knots after midnight

Our strategy is to cross the the bayand  sail for the Eastern shore until the winds shift and most importantly be South of Solomon's before the wind dies

You can tell we are serious racers... Notice the grill and outboard are still on the rail..... bimini is up as well as the dodger.

But we perform like a well oiled (suntan oil that is) racing machine.


  The Crew is ready for battle

After two (2) hours of sailing we are nearing the starting line. They are still calling for winds out of the South at 10-12 knots... The fleet is bunched up getting ready for the start

Beating to the South

True to their word, the wind is out of the South and at 15 knots

View about an hour after crossing the line from the deck of Sea Dragon. We are sailing in the C/D class which was a the next to last class to start. Due to an tactical error by the Captain Sea Dragon is 10 minutes late crossing the line....

This may not be all that bad as we hear that Glory, our boat neighbor "T-bones" another boat that failed to understand the basic "Rules of the Road" as they cross the line... NOT Glory's fault... And another boat takes a knock down further ahead.

Friday Evening we continue to beat to the south in under full main, staysail, and 110... and the cockpit is a mess.... The fearless crew pushes on.

Slowly moving up in the pack....


Saturday morning we made to Solomon in time to see the sun rise with ZERO winds...

Sailing gloves and harness have been replaced with the rumble of the "Iron Jenny".

Saturday Afternoon... Crossing the finish line under a summer haze...

At anchor



With the race over and the boat back in its slip, I am making plans for next year's race.... We will be back!

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