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It is reported that Bill Shaw, on many occasions said, "I designed the 365 for myself. She is all I personally want in a boat." Evidently, Bill's idea of the perfect boat was not that different than many others as the Pearson 365 became one of Pearson's most successful cruising boats and was built from 1976 until 1982. Over the yeas the 365 took many forms including the most popular the original Ketch, a Sloop, a Cutter (Sea Dragon), and a Pilot House.

Bill wrote about the 365, "The 365 is my personal idea of what a boat should be. Oh, I like to race and, in fact, like to think that I've got a few more good ones in me. But my real delight comes from skiing (surprised?) and lazy cruising the waters of New England.

Having put a reasonable number of lighthouses astern in boats from 24' to 72', I have come to the conclusion that the absolute ideal lies between 35' and 38'. And since our kids have either grown into other pastimes or taken up contact sports (hockey), the must be something Beth and I can sail alone or in the company with few good friends. It should be traditional and stable, easy on the helm, with good tracking ability. Big, but not overpowering, and sensible in term of cost.

36' provides the designer with room to maneuver. Bigger provides luxury. Smaller throws up some obstacles that have to be overcome by adjusting the ideal size of something, leaving it out or sacrificing the appearance of the boat. What this means is that at this size I can put absolutely everything in the boat that i want and not get into a this or that situation. The Split rig makes shortening sail a cinch; the bulwarks make wandering around on the deck more comfortable; the fully enclosed shower provides all kinds of niceties; the navigation center lets me play with time, speed, distance, charts, and electronics while someone else drives; and the the U-shaped galley aft close to a big cockpit encourages conversation underway when Beth is fussin' around with the food and I'm half-asleep at the wheel. The galley, by the way , is important. It should be super-efficient and and area in which the chef feel comfortable both underway and swinging on the hook. 

My years of racing have left me with a competitive spirit that won't quit. So the 365 is not a slow boat. I've always felt that I've got just as much right to get to my favorite watering hole as my friends in their racing machines. Sure, they may rate better, but who's concerned with rating when cruising? It's speed over the bottom that counts. So the 365 is efficient and quick. Who wants to be the last one to crack ice?

If this leads you to believe that designed the 365 for myself, you're absolutely right. She's all I personally want in a Boat. I hope you Feel the same way."

Between 1976 and 1982 just over 400 Ketch and Sloop Pearson 365s were built.


 Bill Shaw

 Sail Area

 615 (w/Mizzen)


 Westerbeke 4-108 (40 HP)

First Year


 Main Area



 50 gal (1 tank)

Last Year


 Fore Triangle



 150 gal (3-50 gal tanks)


 36' 5"


 41' 0"




 30' 0"


 15' 0"




 11' 6"


 36' 0"






 11' 9"






 24' 0"




  4' 6"


   8' 0"



Hull Speed

 7.34 knots

 Mast Height

46' 0"



Cruising Speed  6.5 knots


   OR  18%
Number Built  405 est,        

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