Rebedding Pulpit


I have been chasing a leak in the V-berth for several years. I have been able to slow the leak, BUT not stop it... My latest attempt is shown on this page... The pulpit
on Sea Dragon is bolted through the deck and each foot is set on a rubber gaskets.

This is a view of the underside of one of one of the pulpit legs. As you can see from the stains and rust that some water has been entering around the bolts.
The upper left gasket was removed from the above pulpit foot. As you can see water and dirt that had migrated between the pulpit foot and gasket. Most likely this was ONE of the sources of my water leak... But not the only one. I went local hardware store and purchased several $0.99 sheets of rubber gasket material.

I then placed the gasket under the foot and traced it with a sharpie. Next very small holes were drilled for the new bolts to pass through.

This repeated four times and new stainless steel screws, washers, and nuts are installed and tightened...

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