Refrigeration on Sea Dragon


Refrigeration On Sea Dragon

NOT A PROJECT at this time.

Sea Dragon, currently does not have a refrigeration system so we rely on ice to keep our stores cold. Even in the Chesapeake summer heat our ice box will hold ice for about three (3) days using block ice. Combine that fact with the fact that most of our trips are under 4 days and always in and around anchorages with easy access to ice, there is little urgency to change anything at this time

At some point it will become an issue, so I did make a drawing of the Ice Box in preparation of that day. Maybe this will be helpful to others.

Below is a cross section of the Pearson 365/367 icebox. This will give
you some feel for how much insulation is in standard box. Special thanks
to Dale Tanski this picture is of Maruska's (1976 365 #40) ice box.

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