Installing Screens


Installation of Hatch & Companionway Screens

Sea Dragon, has two (2) nice opening hatches that provide nice ventilation but also provides easy entry for biting flys and mosquitoes. The previous owner had installed screens that attached to the headliner. They worked OK, but they where not very attractive. I did a little investigation and found a company, Glebe Creek Screenworks  that builds screens to order.

I called Glebe Creek ad spoke with Jordan DeTuncq about building screens for the hatches and the companion way. He was very helpful in select in the style, finish and size. At the same time, happened to speak with a couple of Island Packet owner that had screens made by Glebe. The had only good things to say about their screens.

Saloon screen is a standard HS-1 screens. What a great addition to Sea Dragon.

They are easy to install, strong, and attractive. I have replaced the screen the frame 3 times because each of my children have put their foot through it at least once.

V-berth screen is a standard HS-1. What a great addition to Sea Dragon.

Easy to install, strong, and attractive.

With a simple twist of a screen stop, the hatch is easily accessed. Very clever.

Because our children were younger at the time they were not able to lift out the standard CS-1 screens. So I had find something else. Jordon worked with me to come up with a design that was based on his CS-2 screen that worked well on Sea Dragon.
Jordon cut new fascia boards for Sea Dragon that extend to the bottom of the companionway and fit nicely against the sea hood.

If you are considering screens for your boat you owe it to you and your crew to contact
Glebe Creek Screenworks.

The quality of the Glebe Creek Screens is without question. A product that is well assembled from quality materials in generous portions.

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