Aft sling placement on the Pearson 36 cutter

The Pearson 36 Cutter has an exposed shaft and large skeg hung rudder. A common problem with both the 365 and 367 is
damage from improper placement of the aft lifting sling. Bent shafts and damage struts are possible if the lift strap passes
under the shaft instead of under the hull just forward of the rudder.

Below are pictures of the Lift Points on Sea Dragon take on the day of her pre-purchase survey in November 2002.

In the center of the picture you can see the worn and faded sticker marking the lift point on the Starboard side.

The old stickers have since been replaced with a new weather proof "LIFT" labels.

Zooming out you can see the location of the lifting point marker.
The sling in place.

Note: The limited space between the rudder skeg and the propeller and shaft.

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