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The Pearson 365 & 367

Sea Dragon is a 1981 Pearson 36 Cutter hull number 8, also referred to as a Pearson 367. Based on the popular Pearson 365 hull and interior, approximately 49 36 Cutters were built between 1981 and 1982. 

The Pearson 365 was built from 1976 until 1982 and became one of Pearson's most successful cruising boats. The P365 was a hit from the very beginning when Pearson found themselves with orders for twenty-three (23) boats before the first one was launched. Over the years the the Pearson 365 was delivered as a Ketch, Sloop, Cutter (Sea Dragon), and Pilot House.

The underbody is the same on the Ketch, Pilot House, and Sloop, a modified full keel with large skeg hung rudder drawing only 4.5 feet. However, the 36 Cutter's underbody was modified to include a longer skeg hung rudder and deeper fin keel (drawing 5.6 feet), as well as a 1.5 foot taller rig. In addition to being taller,  the Cutter's mast is set approximately 18" aft of the Sloop, Pilot House, or Ketch's mast to make room for the staysail and increase the fore triangle by 13%. Finally the Pilot House 365's interior was a major departure from the successful 365 interior and can be seen in the Pilot House brochure.

List of known Pearson 365 & 367 Boats (If anyone has information on other boats please drop me a note)

In his 1978 book ,The Proper Yacht, Arthur Beiser wrote:

"The Pearson 365 is an exceptionally well conceived cruising ketch of moderate size." He went on to say. "One of the few intelligently planned production cruising boats on the market, the 365 owes nothing to the antic fancies of the IOR, to the downwind fliers of the Transpacific Race, to the floating dormitories of the boat shows, to the pilot cutter of the Bristol Channel, or the sailing tugboats of the Lofoten Island. A true revolutionary for someone in his business, Mr. Shaw provided the 365 with accommodations for just five people and the rest of the space is a fine galley, a chart table, a stall shower, and stowage, fuel, and water in more than reasonable amounts for the size of the boat."

In his closing remarks Arthur commented on the choice of sail plan, "Perhaps a cutter rig would have been better, or longer ends to permit more sail area with taller masts without increasing the aspect ratios. On the other hand, more sail in a taller rig, whether cutter or ketch, might require deeper draft, which would be sad since a boat drawing 4 1/2 feet can go practically anywhere. So the 365  represents a compromise, but a sound one, and I am sure she will provide happy cruising on the for her owners and guests."

It appears that in 1981 Bill Shaw addressed Arthur's concerns with the introduction of the Pearson 36 Cutter (P367).

Sea Dragon's Specs (Pearson 36 Cutter or 367)


 Bill Shaw

 Sail Area



 Westerbeke 4-108 (40 HP) Many were equipped with the 5444 (44 HP)

First Year


 Main Area



 50 gal (1 tank)

Last Year


 Fore Triangle



 150 gal (3-50 gal tanks)


 36' 7"


 43' 0"




 30' 0"


 16' 5"




 11' 6"


 38' 0"






 13' 0"





 Mast Height

 47' 4"




  5' 6"





Hull Speed

 7.34 knots





Cruising Speed

 6.5 knots      OR  18%


  2 blade   18L x 10   3 Blade   17L x 11
  Number Built   50        

  For more Information on the numbers

Sea Dragon's History   

Our previous sailboat was a Pearson 26 also called Sea Dragon but never named-- Sea Dragon

Built April-1981

   View the original brochure

Eastland Yachts
Westbrook, CT 04698

Silver Frolic
Fredrick B. Thomson, Jr &

Jean L. Thomson

New York, NY

Purchased 13-April-1987


John A. Powers

Newton, MA

Purchased  1-February-1991


Donald R. Preuss

Annapolis, MD

Purchased 15-November-2002

Sea Dragon

Garner & Claire Bennett

Alexandria, VA

Vessel Drawing

Sea Dragon's Sail Plan

Take a Tour of Sea Dragon

How we came to choose this boat

Sea Dragon's name was selected by my children and named after the leafy sea dragon found in the southern waters of Australia.

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