Traveler Relocation


Moving Traveler from the Cockpit to coach room

The mast on the cutter is set about 18 inches further aft than the mast on the the ketch or sloop. The boom is 1.2 feet longer and the mast is 1.5 feet taller. For these reasons, the traveler is located in the cockpit. The lines and block that make up the mainsheet pass in front of the companion way entrance and reduces the usable cockpit space by about 20% and make entering and exiting the companion way difficult and sometimes dangerous. The location can be a little dangerous for passengers seated in the forward part of the cockpit when tacking or jibbing.

We decided to have the traveler moved from the cockpit to the coach roof on Sea Dragon. This increased the usable space in the cockpit in a huge way and improved the ease and safety of entering and exiting the cockpit via the companion way. It also improved the control of the main by making traveler adjustments possible while under sail.

The original traveler on Sea Dragon was located in the cockpit and mounted to the boom about 4.5 feet from the end of the boom. (sister ship)

The new traveler is based on Harken's Big Boat hardware and the track has been bent to have curve similar to the coach roof. It attaches about 6.5 from the end of the boom.

The new traveler looks a little out of place on the boat but once the dodger is back in place it is less noticeable.



Backing plate as seen from inside of the cabin above the Navstation,



Backing plates as seen from inside of the cabin above the galley.

The channel in which the original track was installed filled with teak blocks. They need a few coats of Cetol.


Finally, the cam cleats are mounted on angled Harken bases for easier control.

Complete List of Materials Mainsheet Load Calculation Original vs. Modified

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