Checking & Replacing Engine Zincs


Sea Dragon's, fresh water cooled Westerbeke 4-108 diesel. The sea water cooling circuit includes a "pencil" zinc anode that should be inspect monthly. The purpose of the zinc anode is to sacrifice itself to electrolysis action taking place in the sea water cooling circuit, thereby reducing the effects of electrolysis on other components of the system.

The condition of the zinc should be checked monthly and the anode cleaned or replaced as required.
On Sea Dragon the "Pencil" zinc is located on the aft port side of the engine easily reached for inspection and replacing.
"Pencil" zincs are available at most marine supply stores for about $5.00 each without the brass plug. Westerbeke's part number is 11885 and a common after market part number is the CME0.

The Specs for the zinc are 1 3/4" long 3/8" in diameter with 1/4" UNC threads.

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