Replacing the Gudgeon


By  Richard Mogford

s/v Water Spirit
1981 Pearson 36 Cutter

To remove the gudgeon, you remove the "false" bottom of the skeg.  There should be some bolts holding it on to a lower extension of the gudgeon.  You can see this in the picture of the gap between the rudder and skeg.


You then remove the block under the gap in the rudder, support the rudder, and the gudgeon has three bolts holding it on
But you might want to think about a couple of protection ideas.  First, put a round zinc right on the strut.  And the original bonding wire to the rudder post (and hence the connecting to the gudgeon) is just a wire to one of the bolts on the upper bearing (stuffing box) of the rudder shaft.  I am not sure there is any electrical connection there.  Most stuffing boxes have "greasy string" in them and this would insulate the shaft from the stuffing box, I assume.  (I have not tested for electrical continuity at the bearing yet.)
I plan to run flexible wire to the rudder quadrant, then to the strut bolts, then to the engine.  I'll have a zinc on the new stainless prop shaft I am getting.  I am disconnecting all other bonding wires on the theory that through hulls are naturally insulated from everything anyway.  Bonding is not needed and the wires just create the possibility for making a circuit with something and damaging the through  


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